Barbados Chattel Houses and Rum Shops

Always love taking pictures of colourful rum shops and chattel Houses in the islands of which Barbados probably has the most of each for its island size.

These were taken along a road near the capital Bridgetown while stuck in traffic on the way to the VAT office of all places.


St Lucy Parish cycle ride

Photo's of an early morning mountain bike ride around St Lucy Parish Barbados. Large rolling fields planted with sugarcane and windswept rugged Atlantic coastline very reminiscent of the coastline in Cornwall UK where I lived and worked for a year while at University.


St Vincent Pool Project

Perched on a cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean on the South Coast of St Vincent is a swimming pool and deck which I designed and was built a few years ago.

The addition of the pool and deck has totally transformed the way the house is used and is loved by all.

The IPE timber deck has weathered beautifully and is now a lovely grey while the landscape around has matured well giving views through to the crashing waves below and the islands of Bequia and Mustique to the South.


St Vincent weekend break.

St Vincent being a volcanic island is completely different to Barbados which is coral. St Vincent is very mountainous with lush tropical forests.

Gardens here are truly amazing as at our family home perched on a headland overlooking Bequia and the Grenadines.


Design process from concept sketch to installation.

A design concept can only be as good as how the person building/manufacturing the design interprets it and makes it work. Having good relationships with trusted suppliers helps tremendously as the progression from hand sketch to finished product shows below on this "one-off" and bespoke beach shower.

I developed the original concept with a few key dimensions and notes while the supplier worked out how to get shower column installed and getting water to it through the main structure.

 Bespoke beach shower

Bespoke beach shower

Footprints, Barbados

This project was a major refurbishment. Exterior works and internal spaces were reconfigured and redesigned by Italica while the interior fit-out was designed by Kelly Hoppen ( . The project has now had a soft launch through the local exclusive agent Alleyne Real Estate (

 As project comes near to the end, one needs to remember what we started with.

As project comes near to the end, one needs to remember what we started with.